Sunday, December 17, 2006

Why CharityMalaysia?

CharityMalaysia was initially launched to address one problem, the operation of heartless and unscrupulous individuals disguising themselves as professional fundraisers in Malaysia. These syndicates capitalise on the fact that people, in particular Malaysian citizens, are benevolent in nature and always have a soft spot for the needy. They then devise numerous ways to fleece the public of their hard-earned cash, at the same time depriving the desperate and needy of their deserved contributions.

These wolves in sheepskin brazenly offer their services to charity organisations that are too weighed down by daily operations to raise funds for their cause. They charge up to 70% of the amount of funds collected as their service charge. And that is not all. Often they take advantage of these helpless charity organisations ignorance and run away with the full amount collected. They do this by using the names, photos, documents and other paraphernalia to ask for donations from the public without the knowledge and consent of the charities concerned.

In our neighbouring country Thailand more atrocities were being committed. It may sound like a horror movie but it is true. Normal people have their limbs chopped off and were forced to beg on the streets by these syndicates. We were told that some of these beggars could be children from Malaysia.

In Singapore, more criminal scandals have been uncovered in recent years where the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) misappropriated a major portion of funds donated causing a public outcry against the perpetrators. They were subsequently indicted and are now serving jail sentences.

As we do not want to wait to be told to the right thing, the founders of CharityMalaysia have taken upon themselves to set a standard in this region to be first of all accountable and transparent in all our fundraising activities. We aspire to be a benchmark in the management of our funds raised through direct donations to our website. Our in-house charity activities will focus on financial education, as we believe that financial ignorance is causing untold misery everyday.

We aim to launch CharityMalaysia officially in June 2007. However, visitors are welcome to start raising funds or make donations now. The mode of payment currently is only via Paypal/credit card. We will be working on a direct debit payment system for Malaysian donors.


Anonymous said...

We Support Charity Malaysia!!!!
Will put your banner on our web.

Nana said...

Hi! Glad that I found this site. Hope to see direct debit option soon as many people do not like to use Paypal or credit card to donate. Good work!

Will also put banner on my website and