Friday, May 25, 2007

Why CharityMalaysia? Part Two

Advantages of donating via
o Accountable. Amounts collected will be displayed at each charitypage.
o Transparent. Charities' contact details are available for donors' easy reference and confirmation.
o Secure. We use proven payment systems used by big organisations like Amazon and Air Asia.
o Fast. It's online - saves time, travelling and other costs.
o Easy. Just follow the instructions on the screen.
o Screening. You can view the profile of the charity concerned before donating.
o In touch. You can access data such as total funds received by any charity to-date, top donors and top recipient charities, appreciation and testimonies as well as photos.

Advantages of raising funds with
o Secure. Your donors will be able to contact you via all your contact details given by you.
o Cheaper than traditional ways of fundraising.
o Easy. Only 4 simple steps. Refer "How To Get Listed".
o Prompt payment via online remittances.
o Fast.
o Convenient and flexible. You can change your profile, writeup or upload photos.
o Worldwide audience.
o No initial setup costs.
o Confidential.
o Storage. Your data can be stored for a long time.
o Categorised. Your charity is categorised for easy retrieval and viewing by interested donors.

CharityMalaysia provides a secure and convenient way to raise funds as well as make donations. We will be using proven online payment systems used by big organizations such as Amazon and Air Asia. We are currently using Paypal, the most popular online payment system in the world. We will soon be incorporating other secure systems like Worldpay, 2CO and online bank debit systems in the near future.
We welcome all parties to raise funds at this site but we do not support any particular race, religion or political ideology.

Even with the recent bad press on these so-called professional fundraisers mentioned earlier, CharityMalaysia is confident that the Malaysian authorities are able to distinguish our efforts from the activities of these rogue fundraisers. As highlighted in our advantages above, the difference is obvious.

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